My name is Hannah Isabella Rose Pancheri Randall, and I am 14 years old. I have 5 dogs; Harley, Maggie, Oscar, Odin, and Thor, my whole life I have spent around various animals and have owned up to 27 animals at one time and it ranged from chickens, dogs, to rabbits. I have loved and enjoyed caring for animals all of my life and I plan to be a Veterinarian when I am older. Dogs will always be my favorite animal over any others even though I love all animals.

Harley Other than Animals I have also always been super involved in music and math. I took piano for about a year, the violin for 6, and vocals for 2, then in middle school I took flute for 3 and I haven't started any other instruments than that. Ever since about 7th grade I've also been really into photography and writing stories or poems along eith various hobbies like reading.