Terms and Definitions

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

Contrast - Something that is different from something else

Repetition - The action of repeating something

Alignment - A specific arrangement in relative positions

Proximity - The amount of space between 2 objects

Tag - Prewritten code that you can use

Div - A tag you can use in html to divide up sections of a webpage

List - A list is an arrangement of codes

Box model - CSS elements that are boxes

HTTP | Hyper Text Transfer Protocol - An application protocol for distributed hypermedia infomation

HTTPS | Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure - Does the same thing as HTTP but encrypts the info

FTP | File Transfer Protocol - A standard network protocol used to transfer files

IP | Internet Protocol - A method in which data is transfered

Domain name - A network adress that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.