Hey, Photo Class was Useful!

I've sifted through a lot of my old photos from Photo I and II, and here are a few of the best in my opinion.

Oregon Capitol Building

I took this one two summers ago and used it for my photo essay

Imagine a ton of fog

This really creeped me out the morning I took this, the fog was so dense

Western Railroad

On I took this from a two-man railroad peddle cart... which I made go 30 mph...

Insert Grapes Here

These just grew in my yard, but it still made for a really well-composed shot


Again, this grew in my yard too, and I needed it for an assignment

Flower Bush

One of my earliest (and luckiest) photos from Bush Park

Cubism Railroad

This is the edited shot of the railroad, but styled to the Old West and to look Cubic

Shark Fishing

With great power comes great responsibility... Neither of which I deserve


This was from a family trip way back. Behind it was a fairly calm river, then immediate death