Design Elements


C.R.A.P. is the basic elements of graphic design

There are 4 basic elements of graphic design that are compiled into the acronym C.R.A.P.

-- The "C" represents contrast - or the idea of making things pop out to emphasize importance.

For example: this text is bold, so when you first look at the page, this pops out.

-- The "R" represents repitition - or the repeating of certain things to create a design theme.

For example: all this text is the same font and size, so it creates a sort of theme on the page.

-- The "A" represents alignment - or the action of placing things in the same sort of area or way to make things look more organized.

For example - the text on this page is aligned to the left so it can look more clean an organized.

-- Finally, the "P" represents proximity - or an indication of whether items are related or not based on how they are placed.

For example: I put a "--" before each new letter, and I underlined each new letter's line to indicate that it is a new topic or idea.