The Poppleton Experience

Favorite Websites

  • The website of a free-to-play World War II first person shooter. Their site is very clean with a nice blur effect in the background. It's also got a nice balance of color, so your eyes aren't strained when you read it. It's also got a very easy to follow navigation system; whoever made this site had ease of access in mind while making it.
    the heroes and generals website

  • "tcrf" is short for "The Cutting Room Floor". This website collects information on the development and the alphas/betas of video games, and displays the information on their website. Its style looks very similar to Wikipedia's, but with an added splash of color. I also find their site easier to navigate than Wikipedia's, with helpful navigation to other articles you might be interested in near the bottom of the page.
    the cutting room floor website

  • If you go to Sprague and you don't know this website, then you probably haven't been here long. This is Sprague High School's website, updated recently to its current look. It's nice and dark so your eyes aren't blinded by white light, and it looks simple yet professional. The Web Design team did an amazing job when they created this sight, and it's one of my favorite looking websites out there.
    the sprague website


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