Proximity : is a way to organize a webpage ,and that includes group items together and follow a definite pattern

Alignment: is another way to unify and organize a Webpage ,and that also includes being concious of the place of the elementson the webpage and always find something to align with any elements with

Repition: means that the person that designed the webpage must be consistent on headlines, subheads, etc.

HTML: hyper text markup Language is the way to display the webpage. Browsers always look for HTML to interprete

Contrast: is a way to add interest to a webpage by contrasting 2 elements that are completely different . It also aids the organization of the webpage

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets is the style of a webpage , and that includes coloring ,border, margin, etc.

font family: is the typeface that will be applied by a web browser to some text. Those fonts are already downloaded in the computer

Padding : is the space between the border and space that you can add text in.