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About Me

I'll start with the easy stuff, like some of my favorite things. one of the many things I do in my free time is play games, plain and simple, but I do much more than that. I have a colection of Bionicles an old lego product, true they did come out with new ones but I dont personally like them. I also like to 3D model as you might have noticed on the home page, the only thing stoping me from making it a hobby is my own darn procrastination habit.

oh you want to know my age what grade I'm in when I made this website, well two bad one of my many seemingly anoying querks is not trusting the internet. In other words I don't sign up for alot of things with my email. Yes... I'm one of those people. the other querk is mispronounceing stuff, like library, album, stamina, and a couple others. Ok maybe thats not anoying to you but it bugs my friends sometimes.

About the Creator

Matthew is currently a high school student at Sprague high school and graduates in 2018. this web page is one of his assignments to complete for his web design teacher.