• CSS stands for cascading style sheet. Its used to help the information become formated nicely for the website.
Internal CSS
  • Internatal CSS is a CSS that is created on that specific web page. an example of this is the CSS only applying to the home page and no other page.
External CSS
  • External CSS is when the CSS is created to apply to the entier website or a large chunck of the website.
  • HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This allows the creater of a site to change the color, font, and add things like links and pictures.
Unordered lists
  • Unordered lists use the tag ul and create bulleted lists.
Oredered lists
  • Ordered lists use the tag ol and create numbered lists.
List item
  • List item uses the tag li inside a ordered list or unordered list tag. This tag allows you to add the items that you need to the lists.