I have been volunteering at Paw and Hand K9 for the past four and a half years. I love working here, I have such a passion for helping animals that are in need, and here I can work with dogs who are forgotten or mistreated. I mainly clean around, but I also help with training the dogs. I have taught a few dog training classes from time to time, and really enjoy doing it. Working here is fun, being able to work with my hands and actually help the community is the best part.

I feel like my life purpose is to help people in need. When I graduate college, I really want to become a special education teacher. I want to help kids and families with health or birth defects. I know that to get there is a lot of work, but it is my true passion to help. Later in life its my ultimate goal to open an in home special needs daycare though the summer so that parents don’t have to worry about having to work over the summer and having to pay the outrageous childcare costs.