About Me

I'm a Sophmore at Sprague High School. I consider myself more on the creative side than the pratical side. I love music, singing has always been something that I have loved doing. I love cute, yet creepy things. I'm also a cat person, sorry dog lovers! I love writing stories as well. I see a certain scene in my head that might go to a certain story, and I write it down, giving it life.

Creepypasta, Hetalia, Wattpad, and music have been the things that kept me sane. Without them, I go a little nuts, especially without music. I was introduced to Creepypasta in eighth grade, and Hetalia my Freshman year. Wattpad was recommended to me by a friend in the beginning of eighth grade. I would have to say that those were the things that impacted me the most these past few years.

My writings are mostly fanfictions, my more original stories stay on paper, away from the public. I find I have an easier time writing with things that have already been created and given a personality than creating my own. Reading helps me with my writing style, so I read a lot of books on Wattpad to give me insperation, and a new way to write. Music also plays a big part into certain writings of mine, a sad song will make that part of the story sadder, while a more angry song might be a fighting scene.