Self Description: My name is Ian Tatom. I like to Lol. I also like to LoL. Lolling and LoLing are two completely different things. When I play League of Legends (LoL), I usually play Ryze, the Rogue Mage. He is the best caster in the game, and I don't care what anyone else says. I also enjoy yelling when I cast my spells. It makes me play better, and have more fun.asodijfjasdfoijadfo'isdjjf

Class Schedule:
Period # Class Teacher
Period 1 American Literature Mrs. Garcia
Period 2 Science Fiction Mr. Curry
Period 3 Study Hall Mrs. Davidson
Period 4 AP Statistics Mrs. Burleson
Period 5 Honors 20th Century Studies Mr. Masten
Period 6 Chemistry Mr. Shannon
Period 7 Leisure & Rec Mrs. Cordiner
Period 8 Web 1 Teacher