Self Description:

My name is Caitlin Stellingwerf, but I usually go by Caitie. I like to type, but not on myself. I'm a sophmore at Sprague High School and I have a lot of friends. I like to draw and come up with stories with my friends. The song "Friday" by Rebecca Black is such a FRICKIN ANOYING SOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!! I feel like I want to kill myself cause it's so anoying!!!!

On the other hand, one of my favorite song's is called "Into The Night" by Nickleback and someone else, but I can't remember his name at the moment. Another good song is "Cotton Eyed Joe" by Rednex. That's a good song! :D

Class Schedule:
Period # Class Teacher
Period 1 Biology Mr. Dale Adkins
Period 2 Advanced Computer Projects Mr. Rodin
Period 3 Aerobics Mrs. Cordiner
Period 4 English 10 Ms. Garcia
Period 5 Woods I Mr. Bishop
Period 6 Geometry Mrs. Galvin
Period 7 Web Design 1 Mr. Doug Adkins
Period 8 Art 1 Mrs. Cavazos