The Chandelier

On this site you will find my two favorite plays in the world: Phantom of the Opera and West Side Story. These two are the first live plays I've ever seen. I've always loved musicals and was so excited to see a live one. ever since then I've been ethusiastic about going to the theater.

Phantom of the Opera was awesome. After watching the famous chandelier crash and swing towards me, after witnessing the Phantom's magic tricks, and after looking in awe at the boat on stage that moves, I've been very intersted in all the variations. But I will forever love the Andrew Loyd Weber version of the story. Iím also just a sucker for Beauty and the Beast-like stories. Iím a hopeless romantic. And yet one story of Shakespeare ticks me off. Weird huh? I know. Nothing to be done for it though.

On Enemy Territory

West Side Story is based on Romeo and Juliet, but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler. Well, much more realistic. First off only one of them dies. And there is no honor in the death. Itís tragic and sudden just like in real life. I think thatís what I dislike about Romeo and Juliet, the overdose on drama and overreactions. And geez, the relationship was just bananas. Maria and Tony at least had a chance of working out, and then circumstances got in the way. Now off and enjoy the site!