About me:

Hi! Iím Autumn and I love reading. I also love cats, dogs, David Bowie, Harry Potter, Twilight, Van Gogh, and lots of stuff! I love my cat Ginger and my family. This site showcases my increasing knowledge about Web Design, but this home page design is not mine, other than colors, etc. I'm a junior at Sprague and I hope to go to Western Oregon University someday. I love to write and listen to Glee music. My mom is an employee of ODOT and my dad is in the army. My least favorite subject is math but I like science. I've been to Denmark for two weeks and almost took a wrong turn to Sweden. Browse at your leisure!

Class Schedule:
Period # Class Teacher
Period 1 Study Hall O'Connell
Period 2 Wellness II Giza
Period 3 Hon 20th Cen Stud II Masten
Period 4 American Literature Merrel
Period 5 Algebra II Bucholz
Period 6 French I Bruey-Fink
Period 7 Web Design I Adkins
Period 8 Chemistry Shannon