Self Description:

This is Isabeau, who has absolutely no desire to be Billy Bob Thorton. I just had dental surgery, so my face hurts. I'm getting a crown, but not a gold one because then I would feel like a jerk. Only jerks get gold teeth. My friends said it would make me look like a pirate, though. . . Whatevs.

Nyaaaaaaaaaaaan. Got rid of the horrid old header. The new one is much more Sybilline. Ie : like Sybil. Who's Sybil, you ask? Why THIS is Sybil, of corse, nyan~. (That's a link to my deviant art by the way. Comment/Watch me please!!!)

Class Schedule:
Period # Class Teacher
Period 1 Physics Mr Shannon
Period 2 Interior Design Ms Sheehan
Period 3 Earth Science Mr (Science) Adkins
Period 4 Analysis Mr Hansen
Period 5 Brit Lit Mr Swartwout
Period 6 Pottery Mr Shmeeder
Period 7 Web design Mr (Computer) Adkins
Period 8 Art History Mr Nickel