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My name is Austin Kelly. I am a Senior at Sprague High School. Being a part of a generation with some many different moral values and contradicting thoughts and ideas, I have grown to appreciate diverse types of all things in my life; movies, music, games, food, etc. Part of this appreciation stemmed form my Grandfather. He appreciated everything in his life and as a immigrant from Canada he has been exposed to more languages, customs, and people than one would imagine. He influenced me when I quite young and he always had a solid appreciation of the odd and unique things in life. He listened to everything from the strong rock riffs of AC/DC to the deep tones of Andrea Bocelli. He even had a great appreciation of NASCAR and all other sports. He was a truly great man who showed me the wonders of the unique world. He passed away five years ago and is missed greatly by my whole family. I am even getting a dedicatory tattoo in his honor.

Pink Floyd Band Photo Art My father has grown up with his father’s influence in his life and still loves his unique music tastes from his youth. I had heard the name “Pink Floyd” before, but I had even been exposed to their sound until he came home with their greatest hits album entitled, Echoes. Just one look at the cover art had me intrigued, so I uploaded it into iTunes for our snowboard trip taking place the next day. I hit the slopes and turned my music on. The sensations overwhelmed me as I was gliding down the mountain; the music had turned snowboarding from a sport for me into just a time to get away from the world. Now I use Pink Floyd music to support me whenever I begin to feel weighted down by anything and it helps me get through normally tedious homework, boring yard work, and has become the sole playlist I use whenever I’m snowboarding. This is the music that defined my parents generation and knowledge about history, or even immersing yourself, in the few things that made history. It’s almost as if you aren’t culturally literate until you have heard the greats; Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, at the very least!

Linkin Park Band Photo My other influences come from my own pure taste. I enjoy nearly all types of music, but true musical inspiration comes from rock music. All kinds inspire me through many workouts and runs. But I had been missing out on a band named Linkin Park (pictured on the left). With the release of one of their more recent albums, Minutes to Midnight, I had only heard the occasional song on the radio. I received “Minutes to Midnight” as Christmas present the year it was released. I listened to the album and it was an odd blend of heavy rock and soft ballads. I hadn’t heard anything like it before, a band capable of truly rocking out and still realizing that the listener could endure that for 14 songs straight. They had meaningful and true to life lyrics inspired by current events and life experiences. I didn’t quite identify with their music yet, but I knew the appeal of it deep inside my brain. The more I listened to it, the more I became enthralled with it. I have since purchased their older albums and newer albums alike and enjoying the varying sounds. They never seem to release an album that ever sounds the same, each one is distinct. This is what attracts my attention and their strongs lyrics backed their unique sound that had gained so much attention during the late 90's with their first few commercial CD releases. I find myself to prefer their newer, more varied, sound and style.

Deadmau5 photo My loved for all kinds of music doesn't stop there. I have been to several concerts including Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Slipknot, and Metallica. I can proudly say that the mosh pits were not tame in the least. However, don't assume that I only enjoy heavy metal or rock. Some of my favorite artists are simply just DJs, much like the stylings of Deadmau5 (pictured on the right with his signature mask) and Skrillex who are becoming quite popular for their dubstep music. In case you don't feel like doing a Google search of the term dubstep, it is a fusion of electronica, techno, house, trance, and dance music that has been growing quickly in popularity with clubs and younger people everywhere. Just as well, I enjoy Kanye West, KiD CuDi, Asher Roth, Drake, and Eminem if I have an itch for listening to some rap music. My iPod does not discriminate with the styles of music that I jam it full of.