Self Description:

My name is Austin Kelly. I'm a Senior at Sprague High School and I am 18 years old. I'm planning to enter a Pre-Med or Pre-Physical Therapy program next year at Gonzaga University with the hopes of becoming a physical therapist or doctor. I would also like to have a minor in some kind of foreign laguage and hope to attend at least one year of college at the Gonzaga campus that they have in Florence, Italy.

I indulge in the more extreme sports, like paintball and snowboading. To me, there is nothing better than spending a day up in the fresh powder having the cold air blow past me as I head down the mountain. There is something so relaxing, and yet invigorating, about gliding over the snow towards the lodge. Or maybe, a sunny summer day spent dodging and pop-shotting around corners as you slide between cover with the whistle of paintballs going past you as you grab the flag and make a break for the other side of the field. The adrenaline and the good times with friends certainly outweighs the bruises that you get.

I enjoy music, despite being completely incapable of producing my own music. I listen to nearly every kind of music, except for country music. I'm a big fan of the growing dubstep movement of such artists like Deadmau5, Skrillex, Zedd, Figure, Showtek, Bare Noize, Nero, and Noisia. Some may say it is not music and that they may purely be technicians who make noise, but I personally believe music is about how anyone person wishes to express themselves at any given time, even if they aren't using a guitar or drums. They still produce quality music that evokes emotions, even with they only use computer programs, turntables, and sound clips.

Class Schedule:
Period # Class Teacher
Period 1 Late Arrival None
Period 2 Medical Terminology II Mrs. West
Period 3 AP European History Mrs. Olsen
Period 4 Early Release None
Period 5 Honours British Literature Mr. Swartwout
Period 6 Anatomy & Physiology Mrs. Rivera
Period 7 Web Design I Mr. Adkins
Period 8 Early Release None