How It All Began

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My name is Tyler Hogan and this is my web page about my favorite bands. You might think it would be filled with things such as the Black Eyed Peas or something of that sort. but iv grown up in a house with my father who listend to country and 80's rock and so over the years i have grown to like such music

Now im not a huge country fan but i do enjoy some of the new age country such as Zac Brown Band or Lady Antebellum. they have a counrty feel but its not stong. i also love just about every typ of 80's music there is. if you can find it i will like it. the 80's was a decade of strong lyrics and good music. it has some of the best music to dance to or relax to. the 80's was in my opinion was the decade of muisc.

i also enjoy some new age alternative music like Kings Of Leon or Ray Hughs. but sadly there is not enough time in the year for me to right about ever typ of music and artist i like. that would take forever. but i did get to touch on two of my favorites the Zac Brown Band, and my favorite soft rock Def Leppard!! both bands creat amazing music and both bands draw you in with there masterfull lyrics and stong vocals.