Self Description: My name Ryan Gail. I am a 16 year old Sophmore at Sprague High School. I got mad skillz that can't be beat. I will be majoring in business with one goal in mind: make tons of $$$. I've always wanted a swimming pool full of quarters and a really high diving board. Come to think of it, if I dove in to a pool of quarters I would probably break my skull but that wouldn't happen because I will rich enough to break the laws of physics. Moral of the story: I need a pool full of money!

What Ryan Does at School:
Period # Class Teacher
Period 1 Honors Economics Mr. Cash
Period 2 Spanish 3 Mr. Montgomery
Period 3 Honors Biology Mr. Wanak
Period 4 Honors English Mrs. Andersen
Period 5 AP American Governmen Mr. Carnahan
Period 6 Accounting 2 Mr. Purnell
Period 7 Web 1 Mr. Adkins
Period 8 Honors Algebra 2 Mr. Hansen