Finally decided to put some content in here. Wasn't really liking the emptiness of the page. So if there is nothing else to say, let's do this.

I am Nolan Daniels. This is my Web Page for Web Design 2. I will be posting any/all projects that I do for this class here. We've got our client project coming up, so that will soon be found here.

Just so there is more content, I'll ramble on about myself. Just cause I'm egotistical like that.

Who am I? Nolan obviously. Lead guitarist and co-leader of the band Renegade. (Best rockband ever, check us out!) I've mentioned all this stuff on my Web Design 1 page. The only reason I'm still rambling is to get an idea of how the text looks on various spots on the page as well as to just make it look cooler.