This is the CRAPS project. Recognize the CRAPS of the powerpoint and

  • Enlarged and Bolded Title
  • Created black background nav with white text
  • Purple title with bigger text
  • Small but bolded subtitles
  • R
  • All links in the nav are the same font
  • Lots of repetition in the nav, with little pictures for each link
  • A
  • Aligned nav to the right and title and image to the left
  • Used graphic to bring eye to the center
  • Nav is aligned left
  • Links in header aligned left with sign in and sign up aligned right
  • P
  • Separates author from the nav links
  • The navigation is moved away from the title
  • Move the nav to a black box away from the content
  • Separates title from nav and content
  • Separates nav from the content
  • The content is easily identifiable because it's separated from everything else.
  • S    

    For my other website, I'm just going to make a list to stay more diversified.



  • Uses red gradient for when white text/logo is needed, fading into a white background as the amount of black text increases.
  • Navigation is black on the red gradient.
  • R

  • All keep the same gradient design, while using different colors depending on what type of article you are looking at
  • Keep the same navigation throughout
  • Links the same color
  • A

  • All text and boxes alligned on the sides.
  • Main Body Centered
  • Ads same width as nav
  • P

  • Equal spacing between boxes (Such as nav, logo, advertisement)