Class Council Elections

October 2021

It is time to honor the great Greek tradition of democracy and vote on who you would like to serve YOUR CLASS for the 2021-2022 school year. Each of these candidates have gone through an application process before being selected to officially run for office. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEOS inserted right into your ballot (google form). You can only vote on your class!

ALL VOTES MUST BE IN BY SUNDAY, OCT. 17th. Thank you for taking the time to vote and to be a part of the change that you wish to see! Light the Torch.


The President is first and foremost someone who cares deeply about people. To be the President of your class, you should possess strong interpersonal skills and should be willing to learn how to lead and encourage the people around you to be the best versions of themselves. The President is responsible for representing their class (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) and encouraging their class’ participation in any and all activities that build community at Sprague. The Class Council President represents their class’s specific goals, dreams, and aspirations and is a voice for the specific needs and concerns regarding THEIR CLASS. The president will also work to communicate the views of their specific class to the ASB President and Vice President to ensure that all Sprague students feel heard and are included. The class Presidents will work closely with ASB to plan and execute events and service projects.
Vice President
The Class Council Vice President shall work cooperatively with the Class Council President and shall assume the office of President in case of absence. Therefore, the Vice President should meet the same description as that of the President above. The Vice President is in charge of running class events in the absence of the Class Council President and should possess strong interpersonal skills and should be willing to learn how to lead and how to encourage the people around them be the best versions of themselves.
The secretary is the primary student in charge of records for your class and is someone who is organized and has strong interpersonal skills. The Class Council Secretary is third in the chain of command (after President and Vice President).
The Class Council Treasurer shall keep current financial records of all fundraising and expenditures for their class. The Treasurer will work with the Activities Director and ASB Treasurer to develop a yearly budget as well as budgets for each activity run by their specific class. Each class treasurer will be responsible for raising funds towards their future/current prom in order to ensure that the members of their graduation year have the best experience possible.
Spirit Coordinator
The Class Council Spirit Coordinator is someone who is passionate about inclusive school spirit and is outgoing and welcoming. The Spirit Coordinator must be enrolled in the Activities program (though there is no activities class in the case of a pandemic where the school is forced into comprehensive distance learning and cohorting) and is someone who is organized and has strong interpersonal skills. The Spirit Coordinator must also be someone who has made the effort to be involved in all Sprague events with high levels of enthusiasm. The Class Council Spirit Coordinator will work closely with the ASB Spirit Coordinator to plan and execute assemblies and events. Your job will be to generate “hype” and a positive “vibe” about all Sprague events within your specific class. The class Spirit Coordinator will also work to encourage their class to participate in as many events as possible.
Media Coordinator
The Class Council Media Coordinator must be someone who understands social media and has a vision for increasing the visibility of Sprague programs and student achievements and communicating that in a creative and engaging way to their class. The Media Coordinator is someone who is involved in Sprague events by promoting and attending them. The Media Coordinator will work to provide a unified message from the Sprague Leadership program while increasing transparency and accountability with the student body.
Sports Coordinator
The Class Council Sports Coordinator is someone who loves sports and is interested in encouraging support for ALL Sprague sports programs. The Class Council Sports Coordinator will need to be organized and work to improve the gameday experience for Sprague students attending competitions (game promotion, pep assemblies, tailgates, game “dress themes” etc.). The Class Council Sports Coordinator will work with the Class Council Media Coordinator to support, promote, and advocate for the student-athletes of their class, including our Unified Sports programs and athletes. The Class Council Sports Coordinator will work with the ASB Sports Coordinator to plan and carry out sports related pep rallies, tailgates, travel to playoff games, and game attendance for ALL sports.


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