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As we continue with Comprehensive Distance Learning, it is clear that we are all struggling with the distance. Many of us have struggled to connect to the internet, to CANVAS, or to our ZOOM calls, the biggest struggle has been to connect with each other. Despite the distance, there is an amazing opportunity for you to connect with other Sprague students who desire to SEE and KNOW YOU!

Students and Parents: If you are struggling with the challenges of distance learning, whether it is technology, academic challenges, or the lack of peer to peer interaction, we want you to know that we SEE YOU. That is why we have put together a group of over 30 trained Peer Mentors who are here to help you with your academic, technological, and social emotional needs, worries, and goals. This is a facet of the Sprague Peer to Peer Mentor Program which is student inspired and part of the Sprague High School Leadership Program. These students identified the need based on their own experience and have been working very hard to bring this opportunity to you.

Who Are The Mentors?: The Peer Mentors are Sprague student volunteers who have been trained by a team of counselors and district specialists to serve you as a mentor, academic advisor, tech assistant, or friend. These students are trained as Mandatory Reporters and understand that everything said will remain confidential unless what is said brings to light a direct threat to a person or persons safety or life. Those situations will be reported to our licensed Sprague Counselors who have more advanced training to help.

What Am I Signing Up For?: Peer Mentors will be available via ZOOM every Monday from 1 to 2 pm. All students will log onto a ZOOM call and then be divided into breakout rooms with a PEER mentor for a one on one opportunity to ask questions, receive academic tutoring, or to just talk about life and connect! The PEER mentors will be individually selected based on the answers to the questions you fill out on the Google Form below.

Who Is Monitoring The Student Interactions?: Students will join one ZOOM call set up by a teacher or counselor and then be sent into breakout rooms with their peer mentor. There will be a teacher and counselor on the Zoom call to step in if students need assistance. All Zoom calls are recorded but the recordings are kept confidential.

We are very excited to connect with, and serve you, as we all work together to navigate Comprehensive Distance Learning and the many academic and social emotional challenges the Pandemic has brought. If you would like time with a Peer Mentor, please fill out the form EACH WEEK. All forms are due by the THURSDAY prior to the Monday Meeting to ensure adequate time to partner you up with the correct Peer Mentor. A copy of this link can be found on the Sprague Website but you can also download it to your desktop or copy and paste it into a document for future reference.

Peer Connect Form


Please email Chris Trammell (, if you have any questions.

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