Senior Steps as You Apply to College

Senior Steps Outline

Senior Steps Applying to Community College Outline

GED Student Applying to College

Junior Steps as You Apply to College

Junior Steps Outline

College Planning and Organization

It's a Plan College Workbook - stay organized with your post-high school plans. This Google Doc workbook has tabs for college and scholarship application information, deadlines, and much more. Using the link above prompts users to create a copy in their Google Drive so you can use this helpful tool.

Oregon Goes to College App - Another tool to help you stay on track and store important information, including a secure area for passwords and Social Security numbers. Download the app for free. Available for iOS and Android.

College Planning Website - Oregon Goes to College - It's A Plan! Great resources for students and families.

College and Scholarship Organization Worksheet - keep track of colleges, activities, scholarships and then compare what they offer to help you with your college decision.

Scholarship Applied/Received Organizer - Easily track scholarships you are applying to, what you've received, all the details, contact information, etc. This information will be very useful should you need to contact them for any reason, especially if your check doesn't arrive at your college in the fall!

Username and password log - There are so many Usernames and Passwords that you will be required to create and remember. It is impossible to remember all of them, so save yourself the trouble and use a log to write them down the moment you create them. Or, better yet, use a safe online App or source to manage all your passwords. You will use these Usernames and Passwords throughout your college career. A great resource is the Oregon Goes to College App which has a section for saving passwords.

  • Keepass - a free, open source, easy to use password manager.

Guide to International University Admission: If you are considering getting an international degree, then take a look at this guide. It was developed with the guidance of more than 20 NACAC members and foreign government representatives with experience counseling students seeking international study.

OPPORTUNITIES GUIDE - Choosing a college starts with knowing your options. This guide helps high school students choose the right college, understand admission requirements, identify types of financial aid and so much more.


Students must request transcripts through the Salem Keizer School District Site. To request a transcript click HERE


Videos that walk through completing the applications of Oregon colleges can now be found on the APPLY page of the Oregon Goes to College Website. Or, find the FULL PLAYLIST on YouTube.

Oregon Community Colleges - Find your college application deadlines, application fees and watch step-by step videos on how to apply to Public Universities in the State of Oregon (not all colleges have application videos at this time).

Oregon Public Universities - Find your college application deadlines, application fees and watch step-by step videos on how to apply to Public Universities in the State of Oregon (all public schools have application videos).

Some Updated Information from 8 Great Oregon Colleges/Universities:

Oregon Private Universities - Find your college application deadlines, application fees and watch step-by step videos on how to apply to Public Universities in the State of Oregon (all private schools have application videos).


West Point


How to Complete the Common Application Step by Step


Many colleges/universities across the nation are not requiring college testing scores. HOWEVER, please check with each institution about their requirements. Many may not require SAT/ACT scores for admission, yet may use them to decide scholarship awards. It is also important to see if the institution is requiring SAT subject tests. If you have questions about whether to take the ACT/SAT this year please talk to your college and career coach.

Fair Test - site that includes a list of institutions that are test optional or test flexible.

ACT Registration and Upcoming ACT Test Dates

SAT Registration and Upcoming SAT Test Dates

Khan Academy- FREE - Use Khan Academy to create personalized practice tests for the SAT

SAT/PSAT Test Prep:

Khan Academy - free practice tests.

College Board - free practice tests and sample questions

Kaplan - PSAT Video lessons, practice quizzes and questions, free PSAT study guide, practice test and explanations.

College Board Official SAT Study Guide

Barron's SAT with online study tests

Princeton Review

McGraw-Hill Education SAT

Writing a College Entrance/Scholarship Essay:

Writing a College Entrance Essay Video - Great tips from college admissions counselors nationwide on how to write an essay that gets noticed.

College Admissions/Scholarship Essay Tips and Sample Prompts

Tips for writing your college application essay during a pandemic

Budgeting for College:

Planning and preparing for college is a daunting task in itself. Adding the need to budget and financially prepare for college can add extra stress, but don't let it overwhelm you. Financial planning is extremely beneficial and will help you prioritize expenses, save for your future, and stay out of unnecessary debt. Please check out the Financial Aid section for information and helpful resources.

Parent Information

Will you be able to help your college age child in a medical emergency? Here are a couple of good articles that outline what documents your college bound child needs so you can still look out for them. Although children are still largely dependent on parents, and parents may be paying for their college education, you no longer have authority to look at their grades, manage their money, and make medical decisions for them. Having the appropriate documentation will ensure that you can help your college age child, especially in case of a medical emergency.

Will You Be Able To Help Your College Age Child in a Medical Emergency?

When Your College Age Kid is Sick or Has a Medical Emergency: These are the Documents You May Need

Transitioning to College, Career, Trade School or Apprenticeship, or Military

How to Handle the Transition from High School to College

Joining the Military After High School - Benefits and Risks

Tips to Successfully Transition from High School to a Career (or Tradeschool)


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