Staff Recognition Awards


The Sprague staff is a wonderful collection of individuals working hard to achieve great things. Our staff reaches out to students and community members to impact their lives. Not just through academics, but in other areas as well. Each month, staff members at Sprague are recognized for their contributions to the Oly Community and carrying on an Oly Legacy. Staff members may be recognized with a Torch or with a Staff Member of the Month. Our Torch bearers pass their torch on to a deserving staff member each month and get to proudly display the torch in their work area. The Staff Member of the Month is recognized at a staff meeting by the administration and given a special parking spot for the month.


Winners of the Recognition Awards:

Month Torch Torch
Feb Shannon Rozewski Sarah Dutcher
Dec Vickie Chaney Mark Harris
Nov Esmeralda Zuriaga Robyn Morgan
Oct Kim Sealey Doug Livermore
Sept Shirley Sheldon Dan Dougherty


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