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Post 30:
The Power of Pull
Learning needs to be interactive; fun!
Post 29:
Welcome Newport High
Staff in-service. Cell phone and blogging.
Post 28:
Sketchcast| Video
Web2.0. A picture is worth a 1000 words.
Post 26:
MAT wkshop
Willamette Univ. Web2.0 presentation to our future teachers.
Post 24:
Voice Thread
Upload images and presentations & Record audio (annotate)-Web2.0.
Post 22:
Workshop Agenda
Post 19:
Blogger Recorder
Record; post to blog or web-site. (Web2.0)
Post 18:
RSS Simple | Video
Subscribe to your favorite websites or blogs.
Post 17:
Cite Referencing; correct formatting when borrowing information off the Internet
Post 16:
Doug and Dale Team
Teachers using Web2.0 for Lesson Plans; activities.
Post 15:
Web 2.0; create & post your own videos
Post 14: | Video
Social Networking; Your Favorites and Bookmarks become available anytime.
Post 13:
Yackpack Live Voice
Place this widget on any webpage or blog. Live communication. (walkie-talkie)
Cell phone, audio to text From Cellphone to Post Blog or eMail. Translates audio to text!
Post 11:
iPhone to Blog
Post 9:
Rigor; Relevance
Post 8:
Blocking Websites?
District Techie, Administration, or Teachers?
Post 3:
Shift Happens | (Video)
The Past, Present, and Future of education.


This website represents a wide variety of materials, projects, and workshops for use in high schools, teacher inservices, distance education and eLearning environments nationwide.

All my work is open-source, and designed to be shared with educators and students. If you have suggestions for improving any of the materials, please let me know.

My most recent work involves eLearning and Web2.0, and is all Posted on my eLearning Blog. A quick overview of topics and specific Posts are listed below:

Google Takeover!
Post 27:
Gmail & Blogger Tutorials
Open the doors to authentic communication.
Post 21:
Blog Building | Video1 | Video2
Post 10:
Google Docsrocks | Video Word process, spreadsheet, presentation; Share, collaborate; anytime, any computer, anywhere. Goodbye Microsoft Office.


Yack-Pack talk-live!
Just listen, or simply push down and hold the Live button to speak.

Gadget Of the Month: JOTT

Click here to listen
This post was created by using my cell phone.

Using new Web 2.0 software called Jott I am able to call a 1-866 number, state the recipient (like 'Blogger' or 'myself' or Andy) and just talk.
After I hang up, Jott takes over and converts my audio into text with amazing accuracy. It then posts the converted text to my blog or sends it as an email including both the text and audio to the recipient.
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