F A Q -

1. Can I order in quanity? If so, is there a price break?

Yes you may order any in quanity you desire, and we will give you a break on the price depending on the quanity.

2. Do you have more selections other than what is listed on your web site?

Yes We purchase from many different publishers.

3. Can I purchase books from you other places than the web site?

Yes I do many early child hood conferences and all my products can be purchased directly at the conventions.

4. Do You special order books for customers?

Yes we do. We have accounts with many different publishers and we can special order from them offering you a good discount.

5. I noticed your prices are less than the suggested retail, does this apply to all your products?

Yes we believe in offering quality products for a reasonable price.

6. Can your products be returned if defictive?

Yes, you may we issue full credit for any defictive product.