Welcome to Cat'zWalk

Our mission is giving the feline lovers community a place to gather to share information, stories, and thoughts about these mystical creatures we so embrace. We hope to open a door on a new world of adventure possibilities for both you and your felines.

We have created a video that makes this possible for your cat with a modest time commitment of just 10 minutes twice a day for two weeks. Our Cat’zWalk halter and leash training video stars seven magical cats, ages three months to five years old, and cameos cousin Sammy whose now ten. The video follows them through a two-week training process allowing each cat to create a unique Cat’zWalk adventure that matches the cat’s individual personality.

It’s no longer safe for our cats to roam outdoors unattended, but a large part of their spirit is just that, the freedom to explore, satisfy their curiosity and smell the fresh outdoors.

We at Cat’zWalk believe that giving your feline the gift of the outdoor adventure; by training them to the halter and leash can be an extraordinary experience for both of you.

DVD Cover

Our Cat'zWalk video covers: