P tag
A tag that looks like < p >and is used to make paragraphs.

H tag
Head tag, looks like < h >, used to make headings.

There are many lists like, unordered lists which appear as < ul >, ordered lists, < ol >, or definition lists, < dl >

To put links in a webpage you need to make something that looks like this, < a href="site url" >site text < /a >, people that visit your webpage can click on the words you chose for your link and it will take them to that site.

To put images in your webpage you will put something in your code that looks like this < img src="image address" alt="image description" > this will make the image visible to people who visit your webpage, the alt tag is for accessibility for people who may not be able to see the image. You can change the size of your image with { img height: px count; or width: px count; }.