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     Hello, my name is Zechariah for any website visitors who are looking at this and some  of my interest and hobbies are technology, design, and math. I have also been to many  different schools as I have traveled a lot. I spent my kindergartden and 1st grade years  in two different schools in Taiwan(not China) and then I moved here to the United  States where i spent my 2rd and 3rd grade years in schools near Clackamas County,  Oregon, and those were two different schools due to the school I was at relocating. I  then spent my 4th and 5th grade years in Sumpter Elementary in Salem and my middle  school years at Jusdon Middle School/Junior High.

    Some of my plans for the future are to get a job as a pharmacist after getting the licesing and learning how to do so. I was born in Taiwan where I was raised for several years but I didn't have many friends or people to talk to so I'm not that fond of it there. My family is also in some ways diverse as my mom is asian and my dad's more of a european american type of person. I am also an only child which can get boring sometimes when I have no one to talk to. Overall, even though I am an only child my parents push me to do my best on assignments and I appreciate that.