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div tag
div stands for division. The div tag is used to divide things on your website. It is used mainly for styling purposes.
p tag
The p tag stands for paragraph, and is used mainly to put down text on your website. There are multiple ways to put text on your website, but it's good to have multiple for styling purposes and ease.
A wrapper is usually a div that encloses many other divs. This is useful for website design for ease navigating around the website, and generally looks good.
A header is a block of text at the top of the website that contains information about where you are. For example, my header displays the word "Vocabulary" in large block letters at the top of the site.
HTML stands for hyper-text markup language. It is the coding language for almost all websites, and it is the coding language for this website too! Along with CSS which is another coding language that works aongside HTML.

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