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My name is Keldan Brown, and I am a freshamn at Sprague Highschool. I attended elementary school at Wright Elementary School, and finished with acceptional grades. I moved onto Judson Middle School with a newly found love for football, and finished the years with acceptional grades. I was born in Salem Oregon with three brothers; Max, Ed, and Justin. Max is currently 17 years old, and he was born with autism, so it was a real struggle to understand him, and eventually befriend him. Ed and Justin, or J for short, are both around 28-32. They were born with a different dad, but the same mother. My mom raised Ed and J well, and she was active for their lives, but for me and max, she has been struggling with bipolar disorder. She isn't as active as she was before, but she still is a great mom, and has taught me many life lessons. My dad was stuck in a very stressful job, and had a hard time not bringing his frustration home. He yelled at me almost everyday for not doing my chores, but it set me straight, and I'm now making strides to finishing all of my responsiblilites. He has sense gotten off of that job, and he is practically stress free.

I was always one of the tallest kids growing up, usually second behind a girl named Rachel Forester. I was also a pretty chunky kid, and I was self-conscious of how I looked all the time. Because of my body shape, my dad has always wanted me to get into football, but it was always overwhelming to see all of these grown men colliding with each other at full speed. I finally took up his offer in 6th grade, and I was a starting lineman that year. I was never active before this, so it was a huge adjustment that my body was not ready for. My heels were bruised to the bone because of my weight focusing mainly on my ankles. In 7th grade, at the start of the football season, I fractured my wrist, and was out for most of the season. At the end of the season, I was back out of shape, and wasn't ready to be a lineman, and it showed. I sucked that year. In 8th grade, I found that I didn't want to be a lineman, I wanted to be a tight end, but there was a weight limit for who can carry the ball, so I was stuck being a lineman that year. Nonetheless, I practiced hard on my catching ability, and running, and now I'm in 9th grade. I'm excited for what this year has to hold, and I can't wait to get back on the field.