Assignment Name (with link) Concept Description
Bootstrap Images Display images on a site Create a webapage that displays 3 images and text about the images
Seeing Diffrent Content Hidden/Visable Divs Create a webpage that displays an image and some content. When the veiwport changes you will see difrent text, image, and a diffrent layout.
Bootstrap Exploraton Bootstrap Create a webapage that demonstrates 3 concepts of bootstrap. Go to and see what you can discover. Code it into a webapage in a meaningful way. Add into your description what you are demstrating and why it could be useful.
Javascript Exploraton Javascript Create a webpage that displays at least 2 ideas using Javascript. Go to Select learn Javascript. Work your way through some of the tutorials on Javascript. You can use other sites as well. Find something interesting to display on your site. Make sure to add to your description what the idea is and how it is useful.
Website Validation Validation Create a webpage that adresses some of this imformation. Remember to site sources and include links on your page.
Subpage Template This is a blank canvas for my webpages
Teacher Website Teacher Website This is a template for a teacher website designed to go along with the Sprague High School website