Assignment Name Concept Description
Bootstrap-Images Display Images On Site Create a webpage that displays at least 3 images and and text about the images. Make it so the text wraps around the images. Try to make it so all 3 images have some kind of connection
Seeing Different Content Hidden/Visible Divs Create a webpage that displays an image and content, when the viewpoint changes you see a different image, different text, and layout
Bootstrap Exploration Bootstrap Create a webpage that demonstrates 3 concepts of bootatrap. Code into webpage in a meaningful way. Ths could be useful when wanting to display an image when the screen is a certain size, or a specific paragraph or for an example Sprague's webpage has a different Sprague logo for each size the screen is different
Javascript Exploration Javascript Create a webpage that displays at least 2 ideas using Javascript. Find something interesting to display on your site.
Welcome to Web 2

"I don't care about anyone liking me, you B*tches barely like yuorselves" -Cardi B

"The minute you learn to love yourself you won't want to be anyone else." -Rihanna

"You wanna know who your true friends are? Screw up and see who's still there." -Jeffree Star

"I hope one day it won't matter who you're in love with. Gender is just a word. Love is beautiful. Labels are for a**holes. Don't ever stop being yourselves." -Jeffree Star

"It's important to find out who you are and love who you are. No matter what you're dealing with, it' sso much harder ... to be constantily pretending to be someone your not." -Zendaya