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About Me!

I am a senior at Sprague High School, and I am also the cheer captain for the second year in a row. My biggest achievement so far is completing 13 consecutive years of cheer (9 of those being all-star/competitive). I cheered at Champion Cheer Athletics from the age of 5 to 14. I learned all my skills there, which makes me "universial" on my current team. This means I am able to fly, backspot, main base, side base, and frontspot. My skills have taken me to one of the largest competitons in the world (for teams lower than level 5) The Summit in Orlando Florida. I've also competed at NCA All-Star in Dallas Texas. While it seems I have made quite bit of accomplishments, I have a lot of things that hold me back, and set me apart from my peers. I was born with a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or HLHS. While my condition doen't hold me back as much as other patients, it still causes issues in my cardio stamina and my respiratory system. I've suffered mental blocks, lots of strains and sprains, many mental breakdowns, countless bruises from my flyer hitting me or landing on me, and a lot of other small things. But none of those things have diminished my passion for this rigorous sport. Don't ask me why I love an activity that failures and injuries outweigh the successes. But cheer is what I am really known for, so... that's all I can really talk about.

Left picture: December 2014

Right picture: November 2019