This is a collection of images of things I like.

An ostrich standing in a field.
An ostrich
Some origami boxes that I like to make.
Some origami boxes I made
Caramel candies, because caramel.
Caramel because it's delicious
My three cats I own. Maui, Kona, and Petunia.
My three cats: petunia, kona, and maui
Erasers made to look like food.
eraser food, I collect them
Mint chocolate chip icecream in a bowl. Yum.
mint chocolate chip icecream
A screaming snake?
A snake because they're pretty neat
A random stock image of a stack of books.
Books, I like to read
A random hand drawing a random line.
I like to draw

Did you know?

The only U.S. state that can be typed on one row of keys is Alaska.