About Me

My Name is Tucker Elkins I am a student at Sprague High School. I'm a sophmore. I love sports and family. Things I like to do on my free time are playing racquetball, and hanging out with my family and dog. I have always loved to do sports and be active. I played soccer for seven years. Right before I quit soccer, my team finished 3rd in the state for our age. I play lacrosse and racquetball right now and have been playing lacrosse for 4 years and started racquetball last year as a freshman. I love watching sports also, I like the Oregon State Beavers. I have been a fan of them forever. They haven't been to good at football lately. This season though, they are 4-4 which is the best start they've had in a while. I love animals. We just got a new all black German Shepard last week. I have non-stop been hanging out with her. I have a goat, cows, pigs, and chickens.

Have a Great Day