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The Biography Of Brayan.

Firstly, you should be happy that your getting a biography from me, as I really didn't wanna do it but oh well. I can't really go back in time too far because I can't remember most of my childhood, other than the 3rd - 5th grade years in Elementary School. This Biography will tell you about who I am and how I got into ASP Development. Without further ado, let's get started!

Elementary Days.

This section may be incomplete as I can't quite remember everything that happened to me back in those days.

My elementary days were second to none when it came to having fun. Back in grade 3, I moved from north Salem, to south Salem. With that, brought a new school and new friends. I can still vividly remember the first day experience, as it didn't go as predicted. Where I lived as a kid (once we mpved to south Salem), had two school options. It had a school where most of the kids in my neighborhood went to, Wright Elementary. And then there was me - I was one of the very few people that went to the more 'modern' school, Lee Elementary. As a little 3rd grader who never rode the bus, I had NO idea about what the bus schedules were, or the existence of them. (You may know where this story is heading) So the first day of school comes around, and I make sure that I have the best fit possible. I don't remember what the fit was, but from my memory, I remember that it was FIRE! I go out to the bus stop and get on the first bus I see. Turns out that the bus I got on was the same bus that went to Wright, NOT Lee. When I arrived at the school, I knew that something was not right. At the front of the main entrance, there was a kind lady that asked me for my name. I told her my first and last name. She looked down her little list of students and the corresponding rooms that all the kids needed to go to.

She couldn't find my name on the list, so she just told me to go to the cafeteria and grab some breakfast, so I did. A little later I heard on the intercom; Brayan Quevedo Ramos, please report to the main office. Once I arrived at the office, the lady alerted me that I accidentally went to the wrong school, nothing new that I learned. She sat me down in the back of the office while they sorted everything out for me to go the school that i'm meant to go.

Time comes around 9:15 and the principal comes to Wright to pick me up and take me to school. On the drive there she was talking to me about random stuff, and what bus and instructions on how to get to school.

And the rest of Elementary went as typical.

The 6th Grade.

6th was the entry point for software development (for me at least). In the beginning, I actually despised the people who were doing what I do now, how ironic haha! My adventure started in the end of the 5th grade, when we were choosing our electives for the 6th grade. I was looking over the list and noticed that many of the available electives were art: but the problem is that I didn't, and still don't, like art. I decided to choose cooking as my elective, and computer science as an alternative. 6th grade came around, and as i'm looking at my schedule, I realized that I didn't recieve the cooking class, rather I got computer science. I really wanted the cooking class, but didn't want to go talk to the counselors.

Once I started my 'Computer Science' class, it was so basic that you CAN NOT call it computer science! When we first arrived to the class, we had to get on Mavis Beacon - a typing program. After about 20 minutes of that, the semester was divided into 3 main topics; Just typing, web development, and game development. Now please set those expectations very low, as we learned each one of these topics for only 6 weeks - which isn't a lot of time for detailed learning.

The class was an hour long, 5 days a week but when we started to learn about HTML, I REALLY got into it! I started to learn how to code better after school, and how to build the skills to make a nice looking webpage. I started to learn color schemes and how to make a nicer web page. I wanted to go the furthest possible and learn how to make the best website ever! Once the class ended, I never touched web design again...

Freshman Year.

My freshman year was when I really started to learn every aspect fo web design. I was in AVID when someone approached me about making them a website. They believed that because I had high grades and a big intrest in tech, I could make websites and apps. The offer that they gave me was irresistible, so I accpeted the offer, and quickly got to work! I remembered most of the syntax, and thought this was going to be easy, but the client only requested for the website to be responsive, and that's where things got scary for me. I was scared of responsive design because I didn't understand it - until I learned about Bootstrap. With Bootstrap I started to make web pages really fast and responsive. That along with a few YouTube tutorials on design, and the intrest in me was sparked. I started to get more clients and didn't think that it could get any better than this.


This past year has been full speed ahead on the web development path. This year i've learned these languages: C#, ASP.NET, Pascal. I've also learned these frameworks: Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and PHP (sort of a framework). I'm taking CS 1/2 (Pascal/Java), to learn more about coding, and WD 1/2 (HTML/PHP), to give me a space to help others learn to code, and give myself a space to learn what I WANT TO.

The Future.

What I plan on doing in the future is going to a full stack web development camp. While my web development will be on the side, what I really want to focus on is software development - Freelance or at a company. I plan on learing React for web apps, along with more backend code like mySQL, Ruby Etc. After I learn that I want to learn more cyber-security, and how to make secure credit card transactions and more! Once all of that learning is done, then I want to learn how to make PWA and applications that can scale!