Assignment Name Concept Description

BootStrap Images

Display Images on Site Create a webpage that displays as least 3 images and text about the images. For this - you can copy and paste text from a site. Make it so the text wraps around the images. It would be nice if all 3 images are related in some way.

Seeing Different Content

Hidden/Visible Divs Create a webpage that displays an image and some content. However this time - when the viewport changes - you see a different image, different text and different layout.

BootStrap Exploration

BootStrap Create a webpage that demonstrates 3 conecpts of Bootstrap. Go to and see what you can discover. Code it into a webpage in a meaningful way. My first bootstrap addition is a easy sticky-footer this makes it so no matter what the footer will stay stuck to the bottom. I also added multiple different buttons like Default, Primary, Success, Info, Warning, Danger, Link. I also added a NavBar to the top with links that I can set to anywhere.

JavaScript Exploration

JavaScript Create a webpage that displays at least 2 ideas using JavaScript.

Website Validation

Validation Create a webpage that addresses some of this information.

Teacher Webpage

Teacher Webpages Create a webpage modeled for teachers use.

Athletics Webpage

Athletics Webpages Create a webpage modeled for a new Athletics page.