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Zachariah Cameron Home

Assignment Name Concept Description
Bootstrap Images Display images on Site Create a webpage that displays at least 3 images and text about the images.
Seeing Diffrent Content Hidden/Visible Divs Create a Webpage that displays an image and some content however this time - when the viewport changes - you see a different image, text and layout.
Bootstrap Exploration Bootstrap Create a webpage that demonstrates 3 concepts of bootstrap.
Javascript Exploration Javascript Create a webpage that displays at least 2 ideas using Javascript.
Website Validation Validation Create a webpage that adresses some of this information
Teacher Webpages Create a website We will be creating a website(or at least a page) for a teacher template
Atheletic's Home Create an athletics website We will be creating a website for the Atheletics Director

My name is Zachariah Cameron And my favorite quote is Aonaibh Ri Chéile. Aonaibh Ri Chéile means Unite.