Faith Rodin's Site

My name is Faith Rodin. I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. I have lived in the house I currently live in since I was born. We moved out for a few months and lived in a rental while we remodeled but I don't count that as moving. I have 3 older sisters. With a house full of girls comes with a house full of drama.

I grew up in a Christian household. As a family we attended Salem Alliance Church, but now we all attend different churches and some don't attend church. Growing up religious is something I wouldn't change at all but I do think with that my parents were really strict and I grew up pretty sheltered.

I love reading(when I find a good book), playing soccer, coloring, working with little kids, helping others and spending time with my friends. I am really looking forward to graduating in June, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me in the next chapter of my life. I will be attending George Fox University in the fall, where I will be studying Social Work.