Hey, i'm Jordan! I was born in McMinnville, Oregon on August 9th, 2001. When I have nothing to do then I draw, sing, dance, and do photography. I'll eat just about anything and I love animals. It's my dream to travel and go many places the world has to offer. My dream to travel has a lot to do with my love for photography as well.

Along with wanting to travel I love to draw though i'm in need of a lot of practice. When I was younger my mom would tell me I have a talent for the arts and she still does to this day. I own a Canon where I love to take pictures and post them all over Facebook and Instagram. Everyon always says that I have that certain eye it takes to be a photographer.

When I am at home sometimes I will randomly burst out in song and start dancing like a weirdo. My mom will do that as well just bot as often but my mom has the best cooking that anyone could ask for. Mom cooks, I bake and then everyones happy. Although I love to bake my mom teaches me how to make amazing food like her.