My first site that I would rate as a favorite is Alt-Codes. Alt-codes is a site that allows you to get emoji-like images and their unicode equivalents. It can be very helpful in programming, some sort of project, and overall so many situations. It serves a different, and in my opinion more useful purpose than something like ascii, which looks like it was made in nineteen ninety nine and isn't "hip and with the kids."

My second site that I very much like is Myanimelist. This site's main purpose is to provide a brief synopsis on various anime, as well as providing a platform for users to score, voice their opinions, and recommend anime based on personal preferences. It is basically the world’s largest online anime database, a service which i am duly grateful for.

Finally, my third favorite site is Google Google is probably the best and most widely used and well known search engine on the internet. It's even been coined as a term for looking up information; "Just Google it." Finally, as a memento to its popularity, in addition to its Wikipedia page, the term that was created also has a dictionary definition that states to "Google" is to "search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google."