#3 fav sites

Youtube is a video uploading platform where you or content
creators can upload video or music and than others can see those
videos if the content people create is good enough people can
even gain ad revenue I Like youtube because of all of the content
that can be easily navigated through- there i can whatch a wide
veriety of home/prefesionaly made videos for comedy or tutorials

This site checks your internet ping and speed to tell you how
fast your internet connection is This site is a useful tool
that is easily navigated through with only one page that quickly
gives you the info you are looking for

Google Search
Google is the search engine that every intelligent person uses to
navigate through the internet and access certain websites
I Have to put google.com on this list because of the fact
that if we were to lose google it would be difficult to
navigate the internet as a whole considering we would
have to rely on things like bing wich is desgusting slow
and clutterd.