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This is my Biography

My name is Adriano Bruno de los Reyes. I'm currently a student in Sprague high school, but I'm only staying one year here. I'm actually from Spain. I came here to study for a year on my 10th grade. I was born in August 2001. In Seville, a city in the south of Spain. I lived part of my first year of my life in Cordoba, another city next to Seville, then I moved to Seville, the city where my entire family from my mother's side live. I've lived all my life there except this year, that I'm living in the USA. Now I'm 15 years old and I like soccer. Is one of my hobbies and I played it for sprague and now for a club. I also like skateboarding, but beaucse of the weather I haven't been so active with skateboarding. I also like playing videogames.

I want ot do severall things before I age too much:
  • Do parashouting
  • Do boucy jumping
  • Go to Japan
  • Experience 0 gravity
  • Go to visit egypcian pyramids