This website is made for Web Desgin 1 at sprague by Carson Knox. I will be building upon the website so I can get an A+++. On this Website there is a Home page which you are currently on, to the left is the track bar to take you to other pages on this site. There is a biography section where I talk about myself and how great I am, a vocab section where I go over some common web design terms and what not. Then a gallery section where its pictures, this section has no relivent point other then practicing and seeing how well I can manage with pictures and coding them on a website. Lastly is the Favorite Sites section talking about my favorite... sites... I don't know what else you would expect from it really.
This wepsite is made for Sprague High School apart of the Web Design 1 class. I have been presented with the task to create and edit the website with infromation prvoided. By the end of the unit this website will be the best gosh darn thing you've ever seen!