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Macho Man Saves The World

Macho Man Randy Savage, great champion of WWE, came to the realization May of 2011 that the world would end in a single year. Although his unstoppable force could never be defeated by any human, he was still mortal. Randy knew exactly what he had to do. With a tear in his eye, he thundered, "OOOH YEAH." The shock wave of his rippled reality killing him instantly. Randy rode his bellow into the sky to go save the world.

Macho Man burst through the golden gates and began rassling his way to Jesus who at the time was busily preparing the Rapture. Jesus wasn't fast enough, Randy charges at him but stops just short. He points at Jesus and challenges him to a rassling match. Unable to refuse Jesus use his Jesus magic to make an arena while ripping off his robes. The bell rings and the match starts. Macho goes in for a grapple but is reversed by Jesus and gets one two punched to the face. Macho Man staggers back and Jesus brings a Jesusified gut punch. Randy can't last Jesus is to strong. Randy goes for a feint and successfully put Jesus off balance. Macho Man throws Jesus to the rope and clothlines him on the rebound. Macho Man goes for the pin but Jesus uses Jesus magic to stop Randy. Randy flys into the sky, but Randy's to good to lose he aligns his elbow and smashes Jesus with the most powerful Flying Elbow Drop. KO, Jesus is smashed apart. Victory is Randy's the Earth is saved.

Created on:
May 18, 2016
Created by
Lucas Hanssen

Sprague High School

Period 7