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C- Contrast is shown very well all throughout the site by using different colors, and size of fonts to diferentiate between elements.

R- Repitition is shown by using the same site format and style for each page.

A- Alignment is shown by having each element/ video aligned on the page.

P- Proximity is used here by having all of the different elements of the page well spaced out from each other.



C- Contrast is seen in this website by having differently-sized headings and elements.

R- Repitition is shown as well by using the same fonts and element sizes all throughout the website.

A- All parts of the same element are aligned.

P- Different Elements are spaced out from each other and similar elements are in close proximity.



C- Different elements on this site are seen by having contrast from headings to text.

R- The same format is repeated throughout the website to show good repitition.

A- The majority of all elements follow the same alignment pattern.

P- Proximity of different elements makes it easier to find certain subjects within the website.