If it's just a game, at least be brave enough to run towards the guns and die.

A person is very strong when he seeks to protect something.
-Heathcliff, SAO

I'd rather trust and regret, then doubt and regret.

YouTube: People can make and post videos here of whatever they like whether it be news, music, or something funny.

C: Definite color changes when hovering over something or features added when on you selection to know what your selecting.

R: All pages are similar and not annoying and/or overwhelming.

A: Everything is aligned together, however most of the main content is centred.

P: Each page looks similar, but the search results are aligned left instead of mid.

Steam: The main game hub for PC gamers, you can buy and store games online here.

C: It's obvious what is being selected and what is being hovered over.

R: Columns are consistent when going through out different game genre's or any page you click on.

A: Featured items are on the left and a navigation bar on top of the page. to the right of everything is either news about upcoming games, sales that are currently going on, or recommended games based of what you have searched through and bought.

P: No Seperate elements on a page everything looks to be the same.

Blizzard: A game company that makes really addictive games that are really fun and provide hours upon hours of gameplay.

C: Elements look fairly similar and if something is being selected.

R: Each individual page for the games look all the same, the only thing that's different is the theme.

A: The main page is aligned left and the navigation bar looks aligned left but its really centred.

P: All elements seem to be linked together.