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Video Copilot

Video CoPilot is a site that creates tutorials,
templates, and plugins for variety of different
effects programs. Some of these programs
include Adobe After Effects, Cinema4d, etc.
This site helps VFX artists; beginner and expert.
This site is easy to follow and find your way
through. That and the programs it provides
is what I like the most.


Red Giant

Red giant is very similar to Video CoPilot.
Red giant sells many plugins in their shop
along with programs. This site includes
tutorials as well and different videos they
have accomplished. If you are experienced
with after effects, or visual effects at all,
red giant is the site to go check out to advance
your learning. I like how there are easy access pages
that are easy to find.

Apple Store

Apple Store

The apple store is another site that really
interests me. The site is for all iphone
and mac users. I find the site catchy to
the eye and the colors contrast well. I like
how easy it is to navigate through similar
to Red Giant and Video CoPilot. The apple
store has very high quality images and just
overall presents itself accordingly.

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